Monday, October 8, 2012

The Girl and her Little Green Quilted Bag

 Last Saturday, while I was waiting to meet Yvonne (check out her blog, she's nice! And really pretty) , I decided to stop by Pull&Bear to have a quick look. I never bought anything from there before because although I love their items sometimes, they don't have the 'pull' factor that makes me want to make them mine. But it was different that day. After browsing through clothes and accessories, something caught my eye at the Bag Section. It was a green bag. Beautiful and unusual in colour. "Hmm..." I thought at first.

See, I'm the type of person who has to think a long time before buying something, even groceries. So I stood at the bag section for a long time just looking at this bag and thinking. I took it to the mirror, looked at every angle, put it back and repeat x3. The size and length of the bag was perfect. It has two compartments, great for organization. Like the quilt but not too crazy about the chain straps, but this is the first time that I've accepted it. So I decided go out and go to the bookstore to buy my stuff, Cold Storage to buy half of my groceries and finally go back to Pull&Bear thinking "Yes, I think I'm going to get it."

When I reached there, the bag was gone! Breathe-in-regret-breathe-out-whydidntIbuyit!-breathe-in-damnits-breathe-out! But wait, why is the area so neat and tidy? So I went to the other bag section and almost cried when I saw my future bag *loves*. So I went to the cashier 100% positive that I want to buy the bag and paid it with whatever little money that I got from my internship. Saving the remaining balance, promise!

And thats the story of a girl and her little green quilted bag. The End.

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