Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One of Those Days

Today is a good day, because once I got home from work, I actually did things other than sleep! And it feels good. Finally my room is clean, finally my things are sorted, finally sat down after dinner and relax. Finally cooked something delicious and healthy. Finally sorted out what I'm going to wear for work tomorrow. It feels great when you've done the things that you've been telling yourself to do. I've let myself go these 2 months and now I'm getting my control back. And this is probably my November challenge.

Starting by sorting out all of my books.

A look at all the pretty books in my collection. I love collecting them, as much as I love collecting plates haha I'm weird.

One of my favs :)

One of my fav! Seashell. Mermaid at heart here.

 I got this in Form 5 for my 17th birthday. I hasn't filled up yet. All because of my tendency to blog instead of write. I love the book.

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