Friday, October 26, 2012

Learning a New Skill


Currently learning to make GIF's like these, I think its a really awesome skill to have. 

So tempted to leave my blog post at that but I really wanted to deliver something more personal. Like how my day went.
I  had work today, even though its a holiday. But at least we got to finish at 2pm. I guess that's okay considering the amount of work that needs to be done. So busy. I'm wondering how are we supposed to survive next week. And I realize how important organization skills are to a company. Like, really important, even more than time management skills. Especially when a company works on so much deadlines.

Ate at this really amazing cafe/bakery in Kota Damansara after that which sells really great Thousand Layer Cakes ( I had Rum n Raisin flavor,SO yummy) and has a really homey atmosphere to it. Will share some pictures next time.

Also ate dinner with some Japanese friends of a housemate. How different are their cultures to us, they're really friendly. Not to mention, they made me want to learn Japanese! Because throughout the whole dinner, I felt like I was watching a movie with no subtitles. I feel the same way when people have conversations in Cantonese but at least with that I know a few words. And another thing I learned is that before a meal, they will have a glass of beer first, no matter what type of meals it is. How strange. And intriguing.

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