Monday, October 15, 2012

Impatient, Impossible + Impolite

Word of the Day: Valour (Noun)- the qualities of a hero or heroine; exceptional or heroic courage when facing danger (especially in battle); "he showed great heroism in battle"; "he received a medal for valor"

Came across this word while I was reading my daily zodiac post. I've always loved reading horoscopes and zodiac characteristics. Since my early days in secondary school. And how I started was because of (now that I think of it) a funny reason. Do you know about zodiac compatibilities? You can check them out here and here. The reason is because I would read zodiac compatibilities and convince myself that crushes who didn't like me back would probably not be compatible with me anyways. It's ridiculous. Horoscopes and zodiacs are not something a person could 100% trust, that is why everyone of us is special and unique. I believe that to an extent, the months or years that we were born gave us the basic characteristics, that is why when we read Zodiac facts, we think "Yes, thats me!". Other things that shape us are beliefs, life experiences and so on. So even if our zodiacs are the same, we are all actually different. Same goes to compatibility, lets say for example: me, a Libra, is compatible with Aquarius, Leo, Gemini and etc. There could be millions of people on the planet with those sign and its impossible for me to actually be compatible with all of them.

Either way, I love reading about my zodiac and other people's too because it makes me understand much more about the people  I share my life with and more than often it's really fun to be thinking "Yes, that's me!"

For example: Libra in a dark mood is impatient, impossible + impolite. Libra in a bright mood is vibrant, vivacious + valour.

That is one of the best sentance to describe me. Can I deny it? No. Everybody has their bad and good. Today I came back from work already 7.30pm+, didn't feel like cooking ( the start of a bad habit). So I followed my friends to the night market in SS2. Had plenty of foods there to eat, my self control just flew out the window by buying tons sugary foods and then I ordered my food at the food cour which didn't arrived, you could describe me exactly as the Libra in a dark mood. I really detest eating so late at night, and when I do, my food doesn't even come. 

Must calm down and expect good in everything.

Till next time.

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