Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy 20th Birthday to Me!

These are the photos of the week...Above looks like typical daily breakfast. Love breakfast!

I turned 20 this Thursday on the 18th. I still feel the same, probably with less hair judging from the amount of them on my room floor. An aunt said to me "Think of it as the 3rd anniversary of your 17th birthday"

I feel much younger now. What a great trick! Anyway, I had lunch with everybody in the office, had dinner with housemates/workmates, and received tons of wishes. Ate plenty of cake too. Got a really huge gift wrapped present from Mimi & Patrick once we came back from from dinner and movie. I didnt expect it! I gleefully opened it like a child and I loved it. I love my present.

Baby Mian Pau is a butterfly.

 Lala bracelet a.k.a Siput bracelet.

Birthday Breakfast: Banana Oat Bran Pancakes with PB and raisins. One of my fav breakfast.

 My boss and his wife brought us to this Thai restaurant for lunch on my birthday and it was yummy, especially this Pandan chicken. It was my first time going to a Thai restaurant because I don't usually eat hot/spicy food.

 And they bought little yummy Hokkaido cupcakes which tastes amazing!

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