Sunday, September 30, 2012

Markets@JayaOne 7

Today was Markets@JayaOne's 7th installment! I had been waiting for this for about a month now. But when its actually on today, I didn't feel like shopping much. Some of the items that I saw while browsing around were about the same as Jaya One's Night Markets. There were some new items but none of them sparked interest in me. I didn't want to look for dresses,instead I went there with a mindset of buying some tops and accessories. Instead I ended up buying two skirts and some notebook from NOTBOOKNOTBUK which is the second time that I have bought from them. I especially love the 3 for RM12 plain mini notebooks. Really practical for anything. But I really LOVE the houndstooth fabric notebook that I have purchased for RM17. Yes, I can say that I am quite a notebook collector. Sometimes I write in them, sometimes I don't. Some notebooks are too pretty to be written on *sigh*

Also got myself a black skirt from PHAT CULTURE which has the appropriate length for work. I detest wearing pantyhose, it feels too slippery to walk in and part of my job in work is to walk to the bank to bank in cheques. Dressing in style is important to me but comfort is always a priority. I also bought a Topshop-esque skirt from DOVEY LOVEY. I can't wait to mix and match.

The rest of my purchases were FOOD from all the Foodbites vendors. My personal favorites are the Olive+Thyme Cheesecake by HELP Culinary students, Rum&Raisins Fudge Brownies and Baileys+Walnuts Fudge Brownies, not sure by who. But everything I ate was heavenly.

Of course, back to healthy eating tomorrow.

 The only person sprouting diamonds on her head.

Delicious Brownies. Where can I get these again?!

 Not to be neglected: The Potong Artisan  Pops
The flavor stays all the way!

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