Monday, August 6, 2012

Reminiscing July 2012

From left: me, Natasha, Faith, Wee Kee, Kate at Favola Restaurant @ Le Meredien

It's been a lazy Sunday, Faith and I have been literally spending the whole day in the living room with our laptops open. It's 10.46pm right now and for the past hour, it's been about Dato Lee Chong Wei, although he got the Silver Medal, the scores were good! I didn't watch the match but the neighbors shouting kept me up to speed on the results. I will gladly pay for my own ice-cream in honor of his name tomorrow.

Anyways, I have been going through my calendar and photos and thought that I should share some things that I haven't shared here on my blog. Note that although I bought myself a digital camera, the iPhone practically takes over it's job most of the time.

One thing that I am excited to blog about was the experience to dine in KL Sentral's Le Meridien Favola Restaurant with some of my college mates. A friend of ours worked there once and the bill was much cheaper than what was expected ;)

A sampler of five Freddo antipasti

White cheese sauce, butter poached potato,egg and rocket salad

Orange cake, ice cream cake and lemon tart

 The next thing that I am excited to blog about is Jaya One's first ever Night Market, got myself some really pretty cheap clothes. There was a lot of vendors and lots of choices to choose from. The Markets started at 6pm but we came early so we went to enjoy Alt.Space's Guinness Chocolate Cake, really delicious! Then browsed/shopped until we had dinner, which was at Station One, and then continued until 10pm.



 Natasha credits to Tongue in Chic.

I think that's about it, stay tuned for a new Recipe post on how to make my Rosemary Oat Chicken Nuggets.

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