Saturday, June 9, 2012

Who said bad luck only happens on the Friday the 13th?

 Apparently it only happens on Friday the 8th on me.

Someone, somehow, somewhat..broke into our house on Friday before 3pm and stole my laptop and Motorola Xoom tablet. Only those two items were missing, and nothing else. Let me tell you roughly how that Friday went:

7.00am: Woke up, made breakfast, fed the kitties.
7.30am: Ate my awesome soup breakfast. It was going to be a great day! Or so I thought...
8.00am: I had three hours to kill before my class started at 11am. Might as well do my work on the lappie. Yay! So I brought it down from my room and did my work downstairs in the living room.
10.00am: Went upstairs to my room to shower and prepare for college. Just a fast one, only had one class on Friday.
10.30am: Hmm..felt like bringing lunch to college. Maybe I should make some pancakes..all right then, just a quick one. Make two pancakes, cut up my already frozen pineapples and packed it up.
10.55am: Turned off the laptop. "Might as well leave it downstairs, class only for 3 hours, I can continue my work later when I come back." I thought. Big mistake right there.
11.05am: Class is at hotel de one instead of our usual class.
11.10am:  Attempted to open the class. Wrong key.
11.30am: Finally started class.
1.30pm: End class. Natasha and I decided to go 1Utama to eat, do her eyebrows because later that night we had prom and buy me some groceries.
1.45pm: Waited for the taxi to 1Utama. For so long, because people keep cutting the line!! Have you no courtesy?! How annoying it seems..what more stomach was so hungry.
2.10pm: Finally reached 1Utama, went to have lunch at Delicious.
3.10pm: Paid the bill. Now going to Cold Storage to buy my groceries while Tasha did her eyebrows. Save time.
3.45pm: Okay done with the groceries. Now walking back to Old Wing to take the taxi back home to get ready.
4.00pm: Reached home. "Marion,where is the padlock?" Tasha asked. No idea.
4.05pm: Realized my laptop was not where I left it. Shit. Okay, don't panic. Check the house, we don't know anything yet.
4.10pm: Asked Faith what happened to the padlock, don't know. She was wondering if she forgot to lock it back.
4.13pm: Called Patrick and Mimi and asked if they knew anything about the padlock. Nopes, but I just ruined their movie time. They said they went out from the house after 1.30pm.
4.30pm: Sat in the living room, daydreaming, when new tenant Kitty came back. He said the padlock was gone when he went out but thought someone brought it out.

Everyone was back at around 6.30pm and sat at the living room,discussing about the situation. Who could have done this? Why? The time frame of the incident was about 1.30pm-3.00pm. Who was so daring to break into the house when there are 2 cars in the driveway. I don't think someone could be stupid enough to break into a house when they are cars in sight UNLESS they know who the cars belong to and somehow know that the owners of the car was not home at that time. Why is it that the person goes into so much trouble to disable our padlock and steal my laptop which was downstairs and my tablet, which was one floor up and inside my room? Which brings me back to the first photo, we actually found the lock screws in one of my shoes outside the house. IF that is not scary I don't know what is! It seriously made me think about moving again, even though I REALLY like where I'm living now, price wise, location wise and housemate wise. Sigh. I even cringe every time I thought I heard the doorbell ring, it's like living in a horror movie.

Is it just pure bad luck or does someone really hate me so much to do this? I don't understand. I just hope that everyone else is extra cautious now and that Karma gives the person a huge slap on the face. Yes, its lucky that no one was hurt and the things that was taken can be replaced but damnits! My Daddy gave me the surprise tablet as my Christmas present, no words can express how angry I feel at the person who broke in and stole my gift which represents a very nice memory and turning it into something not so nice.

One thing that I want more people to do now is to read about How to Track Stolen Laptop, it's too late for me now but I hope my situation can help others in the future too, by taking the precautions.

Here are some links:

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, oh wait, you can't.

This is what I would like to send to the thief:
It must have taken a lot of time and sweat to learn that skills of yours. But stealing from a home is never the answer and you must have reached a very low point by doing so. Yes, you could probably get fast cash by selling off the stuff, but one day you are going to get caught if you keep doing those things, and your life is going to get ruined. You will have a record, and people wont trust or respect you, which will make you sink deeper into that black hole of yours. Would you want your future to be that way? Take your fast learning and detail attention skills and please turn it into something positive, and maybe you could get a respectable career out of it. And maybe for once, you could get the satisfaction that you desire but still cannot get.

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