Saturday, May 5, 2012

Summertime Sadness

 Going back to college now, bye holidays. I will miss you home. Just went to my 2nd eye surgery (Total: 3) here in KK to remove the Chalazion in my eye, the thing grew back. Its annoying more than ever but at least I dont wake up with horrible chills anymore. Don't want to go through that again.

So much gadgets! Thinking how to choose my plans or else my monthly bills will skyrocket. But I guess in this world, to survive and to work seriously, one must have gadgets. I have 2 emails to manage, 3 main blogs, and internet is so important now to check payment, bills, etc. etc.
Plus, one cannot escape from the social media of today..Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp. 
If the iPhone had a pink cover, all would match! :)


  1. Hope you feel good now, and welcome back :)

  2. Read ur blog bout the Chalazion thingy.
    I think I have the same prob with you :O
    If you don't mind, Hows the surgery goin ?

  3. Hey, what camera model are you using? GBU;) me lahv your cactus btw.

  4. Audrey: Hi Audrey! The thing usually grow inside the eyelid, both upper and bottom also can. My first surgery was in an eye specialist in KL, I can feel abit through the operation and blood flow down from my face, then after that whole day uncomfortable eye. But my 2nd and 3rd surgery was in KK at Lintas@Dr. Mutu eye specialist (RM500,if you want cheaper, I think normal hospital also can get rid). He's very nice and after he inject the pain killer, you cant feel anything after that. Surgery only 5 minutes and you eye will bengkak for 1 day but after that is normal. Just take the eye medicine and Vitamin C they give you :)
    If within a week the thing grow back, its normal, and you should surgery again immediately.

  5. Anonymous: Hi! I'm using Lumix but I forgot what Model because the cam is in KK and I'm not currently there but for me all Lumix is good :)
    Thank you! Cute kan my cactus :3

  6. The thing can grow back after a surgery ? Aiya scary. I watched Youtube on how the surgery been done. Geli ohh haha. Btw, Thanks for the info Marion. Get well soon :)