Thursday, May 17, 2012

Been eating healthy for almost 2 weeks now, it's not perfect but I have improved. It's different when you yourself think that you are stressed and not eating well as compared to if a doctor told you the same thing. Yes, living here, with this college student life where a high percentage of your friends or collegues prefer to eat outside, is sure to be unhealthy.

So recently I have been making my dishes at home for breakfast and dinner (trying to figure out how to do it for lunch since I'm out since morning till late evening) and I feel great!

THE FACESHOP honey mask is what I am using now. It's quite hard to apply since it is sticky and you need to slab a bit more than you think is fine because if you put on a little, it might be a little hard to come off at one time but otherwise my face feels great and I feel so pretty !

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