Sunday, April 1, 2012

KBU College DHTM Melacca Trip

 So at the beginning of this semester my class was divided into two groups for one of our classes for an assignment. This assignment required us to create a day tour that is specially for students. So one of the group arranged for a Melaka trip on 30th of April 8.30am-10pm,costing about RM99. The tour included a trip to the museum, lunch/freetime at jonker street, Wildlife theather, Masjid and finally dinner.
It was quite nice, my friends and I felt that it was not enough time though. We plan to book a hotel there one day and explore Melacca for a day or two.

On to the pictures! Photos were taken with my Motorola Xoom and Natasha's Nikon. Video was also taken by my Xoom.

This friday's (6th April) trip will be at Skytrex Adventure,Shah Alam! It would be my group's turn. We still need students to come join our tour so those who are interested please join :) Unfortunately it is only open to KBU College students.
Details are as such..
Date: 6th April 2012 (Friday)
Time: 8am-5pm
Place: Skytrex Adventure, Tmn Pertanian Malaysia, Shah Alam.
Price: RM90

Comfortable in the bus.

Video Time!

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