Friday, February 17, 2012


Just some pictures from Valentines day. It was a tiring day because my class has to run a restaurant and it was my group's turn to be the chefs. I was in the main course department and my, it was hard work! But not as busy as the first week because everyone knew what to do.

Anyways, after our class was done Natasha and I got ready at Kate's place for our V-day dinner at Sunway to spend with Kate and Levine. It was a nice simple night, everyone slept over at Kate's place and the next day we went off to class at 8am. What a tiring week.

I love this photo with Kate :)

Nice shot :p

Outfit for today,class trip to visit a tour company! Smart-casual ish.


  1. I love your hair.
    You are so beautiful.

    Your new follower ♡

  2. I love the outfit you chose!!!
    Beautiful photos!!!

    -->Let's visit my blog<-- ;)

  3. nice blog!


  4. Maronnnn your domain expired dy, later la I renew ok