Sunday, February 12, 2012

Genting Trip

Hehe..babyyyy. Miss my little brother :(

Hello mimirellos!

Today I have a bit of time to blog before I'm off to work :) So much has been going on, I've been to Genting to play theme park, Skytrex Adventures to play flying fox while doing research, My class has started our restaurant operation and I am almost finished with my design task for my assignment. What a busy semester! Plus the cyst in my eye still still there,after what I've gotten through. I really don't like it, people keep asking me whats wrong with my eye =.=

So tired, I feel as if everything is going fast forward and sometimes I lose myself in the middle of it and I wonder what am I doing. Anyways, I just want to share my Genting trip with
you guys.
It was Fef's first time to Genting and she has never been up using the cable car so we decided to go up using that while the others drove. It was a bad idea, we were lining up for about 2 hours++! Crazzzyyy,but then it was a public holiday..forgot about that piece of information.

We reached Genting quite late and only managed to play 3 games because all the que was quite long so some games we didnt manage to play. time go again!

Fireworks at night because coincidencely it was Cap Goh Mey when we went there. Fireworks were so pretty! Unfortunately our view was not so nice..we were playing the antique car ride during that time.

We sho cutes!

We bought this hat for RM30..super hyper when we saw this..haha made Genting worth while :p

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