Saturday, December 24, 2011

This Christmas..

During Christmas time, my dad receives hampers that contains lots of goodies! This year we got two and now we have an influx of chocolate and biscuits in our home. I love it. I've consumed more chocolate this few days then I've ever consumed this past half a year. The only way I can resist is by drinking coffee and water, because I'm afraid by the time I start back my semester next year, fitting into my uniform will be a serious issue. Meh, I still feel like smuggling some back to Damansara.

Anyways, this year's Christmas isn't like how it used to be. First, there were no carolers that came to our house, although if they came they would have a hard time cleaning their shoes and clothes because the pathway to our house was just too muddy..or maybe thats the reason they didn't come. Hmmm. No Christmas music blasted and no Christmas decoration at home because no one is here except for me and my 15 year old brother. Turns out not all of us will be going to Christmas mass tomorrow morning. All in all, it just felt like a normal week apart from the Christmas candy (and my early present, love it). But Christmas is tomorrow and magic is in the air! So I am going to look pretty and enjoy it :)

This Christmas I am grateful that my family is healthy. I am grateful for my education and my very good results throughout this year. I am grateful that I got a part-time job that I really love. I am grateful I got to meet so much amazing people. I am grateful for the friends I have made. I am grateful for the people who have remained in my life. I am grateful I have an amazing father, anybody would be lucky to be his child and I thank God that I am one of them. I am grateful for the little baby brother that I have, who is such a bundle of joy! I am grateful that I am a healthy girl. I have so much to be thankful for and I pray that my family will still be with me in years to come and that they will take care of themselves.

How pretty are the boxes? I am in loveee.


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  2. Merry Christmas Marion , i know i am a little late but better than never :)

    I still read all your posts when i am away from my blog and i wish all is well at your side ♥