Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Love Fashion: MY FAVE

A page from Style Yourself

To me, fashion is more than just a piece of fabric that covers your body. It's more to making, decorating, playing with colors, the feel, texture, the whole look when it's done. It's like you've just made a piece of art. You don't need to spend 1000$ on a piece of dress if you can't afford it, sure they are pretty, and it feels great if you have them, but its more about creating something. Today you're wearing black and gold, tomorrow you're gonna wear orange,electric blue and silver and the next day something nude and teal. You can change your look from grunge to polished glam to boho to country to rockability, mix designer and vintage!

I think it's simply amazing,so many possibilities. Working part time at a retail store is really fun when you give advice someone on an outfit and actually DO buy the whole outfit. Let me tell you, it's a happy feeling and it made me love my work. I still wonder if it's my calling.

Another page from Style Yourself. Types of pants. So many favorites to choose from.

So Today I will be blogging about My Fave items from , they have been around for a long time in blogshop standards and they continue to bring in gorgeous pieces suitable for almost anything. Let me show you my Top 3 ThePoplook Favorites and how you can wear for daytime and nighttime look. As you can see I am a fan of plain key items and prints.

No. 1 Favorite
I am sure that I am not the only one who is in love with this because it currently sold out!

 Daytime: You cannot go wrong with plain top, especially beautiful ones. It can be accessorized from's Bib Necklace from their Jewelry section. Add some sandals and an electric blue bag!

Nighttime: All I could think of was studs and buttons so a buttoned crop top and studded shoes make a great pairing for this look. Accessorize with a dark clutch.


No. 2 Favorite
You cannot go wrong with a plain dress. I feel that purple is a color that is beautiful but somehow rarely used.

Daytime: When I made this match, I thought of college and school so a bit of cover up is needed so's Polka Cropped Top from their MINKPINK collection came into mind. Finish it with black flats and a satchel bag.

Nighttime: For a simple glam look wear the dress with everything chunky! Chunky necklace, ring, metallic clutch and glitter shoes. Very glam.


No. 3 Favorite
This top is perfect for work, casual, and probably almost any occasion.

Daytime: Mint colors will be all the range soon and I can't think of any color to pair it up with except orange that makes it look fresh. A pair of printed nude wedges and a sling tweed/gold bag.

Nighttime: Orange is a warm color that can easily match with gold, add a big watch, doorknockers and a bright green bag for a pop of color.

So I hope you guys like my post! I assure you,there are more things on that I love as well, these are just my top 3. You can click on their website to see which is your favorite too! Maybe you'll find something there that you've been looking for a long time, if you do tell me kays? Say thank you Marion. Seh. Haha. All photos that do not belong on thepoplook are found via Polyvore  :)


  1. Hi Fatyn, nope I dont. I just like to look around :)

  2. where do you work? and your position is like a fashion consultant or something? :)

  3. Hi! I work at Topshop. And nope ahaha I wish,just a normal staff :)