Friday, November 4, 2011

Pets: Mimit & Sayang

Now that both Faith and I are back in KK for the remaining of the year, we had to pass our dear hamsters, Mimit & Sayang, to one of my workmates, Kido, who kindly volunteered to help take care of them. He was our Good Samaritan, even though I was quite surprised that he volunteered. Thanks Kido!
Now, I found out that apparently he left the hamster in the shop so I hope my hamsters don't escape their cage and fall to their deaths or get stomped on by all the shoppers and people trying on clothes. I will surely have a heart attack.

It got me thinking how did we even got hamsters in the first place. I think the idea got seeded into our heads when we were walking along the night markets during our Ipoh tour--my gosh so much food!-- which we will one day visit again. We saw the pet vendors and these cute little hamsters. I recall Faith wanting to buy those hamsters on the spot but of course it was not such a good idea that time. She was getting lonely at home because I worked every weekends so she had to stay at home alone with nothing to do, poor her. But now we're both busy because I have work and she recently has been joining Ultimate Frisbee, which she loves. She plays that both in KL and KK now, if possible she want to bring more people in, especially her close friends to play so we would all be in one team haha. It looks like fun but I cannot see myself having the same enthusiasm as her and committing to that. I am far too distracted with other things. But I told her I would join since now I have my sunblock, but I would only be playing for fun, so I can keep fit :P

Yesterday I started learning the guitar! I will be practicing everyday so if Im okay by next month and able to play a piece of decent music I would put up a video :D

Music: Dancing With The Devil by Wolf Gang ft Kyla La Grange


  1. so cute :)

  2. what camera did you used <3 ??

  3. It was a Nikon but I forgot the name :) just a basic camera though