Thursday, November 17, 2011

Local Delight

Can someone tall me what's the name of this kuih? I know it starts with a 'P' because every time I go to the Tamu to buy this I always look for the name. I remember the name for about 5 minutes then its gone in my memory. It is reeeeeeally delicious, sweet and savory and cheap too! But one thing I dont like about this is that is covered in I like to wipe it with a tissue or a napkin before I take a bite, it doesn't taste the same though :/ I noticed that this can only be found in Sabah, probably Sarawak too but I've never been there before (yet!) so I don't know.. But so far at Semenanjung..No, never saw. But I think should have lah.
Oh wells, theres another kuih. The picture's red, sticky and has peanut fillings. How sad that I do not know the names of the kuih in our country, tau makan ja tapi ndak tau nama.

Did you know that Foster The People will be coming to Malaysia around the 13th of January? For the first time in my life, I feel like going to a concert, despite my dislike for crowded places.  But since I'm here now, theres no way I could get myself some tickets. Le Sighs.

Music: Call It What You Want by Foster The People

Update**: Just found out the green kuih is called Kuih Penyaram :D


  1. Omg Foster the People will coming to M'sia around 13th of Jan next year?! It's an awesome news! Gonna check out the details! Haha
    The kuihs look like very delicious! (but I prefer curry puff!!)

  2. I thought the kuih hijau is called kuih Pinjaram & the red one is Kuih Merah..haha

  3. Yap the green one we called as Penjaram but I forgot the red one but it really taste good la hehe

  4. Thank you!! I think most Malaysian kuih taste soooo good!

  5. at my place the kuih hijau we call kuih jawa.