Monday, November 28, 2011

Daydreaming and doing nothing actually drains me. I'd rather be daydreaming and working than this. I have the occasional guitar practicing, craft making, driving lesson, polishing up on my Mandarin and Cantonese (although, I don't think it's working, I need someone to teach me) and learning a few basic things on new languages. Wow, from the lists of things,I've been up to a lot. But somehow it's still draining. I'm trying to initiate skipping rope to prevent future obesity but it seems like I'm only doing it in my mind. That has to change.

Where is the lust in life?!

Theres a find a Puss in Boots with the Golden Egg competition going on. I wish I could take a picture of the kitty with the Golden Egg and win an iPad :( iPads seem so convenient, especially to check emails,read books and play games when I'm trying to appear busy. And I dont need to carry the laptop around half of the time to college,to the kedai kopi to do work. Want success in your studies and get all A's? Break your back carrying laptops in big bags. I know I did.