Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday Present, Estee Lauder

My birthday present from my daddy. Cover so pretty,in gold! Thank you daddy, I love you :)
I always get some kind of products during my birthday, it makes me feel pretty~ I dont have much of these things. I only have the basics eyeliner,blusher and concealer. And sunblock (girls,very important!) Although these days my makeup bag is getting a bit more fuller than usual, maybe its because of my work which makes make up a must.And still my workmates ask if I wore makeup or not =.=
Anyway, registered to get my license already, finally after waiting for two years. I also have something to look forward to now, other than making my projects.

Music: In The House by Goldfish & Blink Ft Altimet & ZE!

After makeup..looks really nice :) even though my eyeshadow make up skills are far from great, I have to practice more. Youtube has a great number to makeup tutorials, I could busy myself with those.
I have a feeling my teeth has become whiter. Girl is happy :D


  1. lovely pics!!!amazing blog!! i'm your new follower!! if you like mine,do the same!!

  2. wow, those colours are amazing! love your earrings, too!

  3. wow you have so amazing daddy!