Monday, October 31, 2011


Finally! My project is almost done,I'm so proud :')
Made all of these myself..after a couple of failures, I finally got it right. I almost gave up halfway,wasting so much time,money and energy. Just like any other thing I did, but just like always, I always managed to encourage myself to do it until I reach success! It's a great feeling. After their done, I'm going to be selling them. I've opened up another blog as a platform for me to sell these goodies. Visit:

Something happened in my beloved city today, train crash which caused a massive fire. I found out through twitter and people were tagging #PrayForKK. It reached the Worldwide trend and some people even thought it was Kim Kardashian. Egads. Twitter. No casualties, Thank God, but I hope those who are hurt are okay..

Music : Video Game (TATF Remix) by Lana Dey Rey


  1. so adorable and cute! well done! :)

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