Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In Conclusion

Canon Powershot G12

This camera kept me awake last night. Oh how I want it so~ :(
Went out of the house yesterday to do a little bit of shopping and walking around KK.  So not used to following the busses anymore, waste of time and energy and I don't feel comfortable at all..Felt good to see my old workmates and a new Upperstar restaurant set up at Suria Sabah. So much shops has opened there too (mostly clothing stores)..even though the crowd was quite a pity.
Got my result for last semester,I'm satisfied..so close to getting 4 flat! 3A's and 1B+.
MP ruined my chance of getting the perfect grades.. But then its a wonder I've managed to score that high in that subject, because no one understands a thing. And I have expected worse because that was my first time learning economics and I managed to pass with an A :D

Another news.. Been cleaning the house since I've arrived,such a mess..I've even cleaned up the washing machine today and soon we'll be able to use it again. Yays! You can't imagine the horror I've been through the moment I opened the lid to that machine..I found a decomposed body of a lizard surrounded by tons of lizard shit that are 10 times bigger and more disgusting than the usual lizard shit.
The machine is clean now though, thanks to me and my housewife skills, I've rinsed and washed the thing and I'm planning to use it soon :)

Will take pictures of my awesome buys yesterday and post it up soon..only because it's pretty.
Music: Broken Arrow by Pixie Lott


  1. Oh i know how you feel. I finally Received my canon today.

    Love S.

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