Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Can I Categorize This Day as?

Somehow, without reason, I am pissed at everybody today. From the person I barely know who kept calling me, who I don't feel like talking to, the traffic which cost me RM8 for transport instead of my usual RM4, the slowness of people in the toilet, to the general slowness of people walking in the mall..Everything!! So this is just a rant. I can talk to my blog, I can vent out. I'd rather be alone and play alone by myself instead of with the other kids. Just so they do not suffer from my wrath, pity them.

Okay. Focus, focus on positive things:
1) Finally downloaded a bunch of nice songs by Foster The People.Have been listening to them for the past month from the CD they keep playing at work. Topshop sure does have good taste in a lot of music.
2) Cleaned the mess I call my room (which is really not that messy, its just my hair thats messing up the floor like always and clothes thrown everywheree)
3) It's the 21st of Sept! Close to my going back KK time. Which is a good thing.
4) Figured out what I wanted to get for new place, new room. MALM chest of 3 drawers in white. RM239! This shall be a treat to myself for working so hard. It could be a storage for my jewerly,make up and clothes. And become a dressing table as well. Save space.

I feel better already...but one thing I keep thinking about everyday is my results for Sem 3. I wonderrrrrr, so worried that I cannot score as high as last semester.

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