Wednesday, June 22, 2011


(Would really like a Vespa)

Almost two months since I've blogged! So LONG. A lot has happened in two months, as usual. I've done my assignment and I suddenly felt like blogging even though I have no idea what to blog about. I miss using Mac, Windows sucks :(

So maybe thats why I dont feel like using the computer nowadays except to hear songs and reply peoples messages on Facebook. Sounds dull but I am actually quite busy right now. My course is organizing a trip and my class is also interested in going to their own trips. The only problem is money! Everything is so costly.Last month 13 of us, including Faith, went to a trip to Ipoh. Since one of my classmate's hometown was there, everything was smooth. We visited Kelly's Castle, which was beautiful and also went to Pasar Malam to buy foooood. Ummy nummy.! I miss that place.

June is a month full of stress,but it's slowing down now so I'm good. Tonight I will be going to work party so I'm looking forward for some fun with the workmates :)


  1. Pretty picture^^. I agree Macs are awesome, but the first Mac virus has finally arrived. And there is no antivirus software -_-. Hope you're doing well:D. Take it easy.

  2. Muffy! How are you? :3 I am doing well now,hope you are too!