Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Fools?

It's April already! Second semester is ending. So fast, too fast. So much has happened. Where to begin?
Finally started to like someone A LOT, and got my heart crushed. Just like that. After so long, the thought of "relationship" finally crossed my mind, but then I found out that I was just the other girl. Who wants that? But it's okay now,we're still on good terms. I just said that we should both find different people since we both have different views on relationship. Tiada jodoh, right? So many people got their hearts broken in April. Give yourself a week to mope, cry, be sad and then move on. Because there are other people out their and so many things that you can do! You're young and you don't have much burden yet, enjoy your youth while you can.

So primary focus are my studies, finals are coming and I need to get A's! I have also got a part-time job, working in Topshop during the weekends. My back and legs scream at me during work but I like it. I like the clothes, my workmates and most of the customers. Love to chit-chat with them and get compliments *ehem!*

Another thing to look forward to is going back to KK for a week! :3
I cannot wait to see my baby brother. I miss him so very much :(

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