Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day Of 2010

So this is the last day of 2010,I'm looking forward to next year. It's a fresh start and I love fresh starts,I've already started my new years resolution a week ago (Of course I can't tell you or I'll jinx it because I have been doing pretty well).
Anyway,I can't say that this has been a good year but it isn't a bad year either. This is my first year after graduating from high school and I went through this year differently compared to the last few. I didn't change much,like most people who just got out of school. I didn't color my hair,I didn't take make any drastic decisions to cut it short,I didn't get any extra piercings or get any tattoos..I pretty much look the same. I'm fine with it though,it's just me. I had my first 'real job' working at Upperstar,it was fun,felt so long ago even though it was just a few months ago..I went to college,went to a different state,and lived outside my parents nest. It was a nice experience,living with a friend that I get along with. We think differently (like 180 degrees) but somehow we're forming this pattern on how to take care of each other so in a way,I'm lucky.

Somehow I felt like I wasted this year (or maybe it's the music I'm listening now,beautiful..but morbid. I don't know). One example,I still haven't learned to drive yet,I would very much like that even though it seems useless for me now but I just want to get it over with. Somehow I feel like I could have done more that what I've already done. Like learn how to make clothes,learn in depth about photography, meet more people,discover more pretty things etc. Something is pulling me back,I don't know.

But it's all going to change next year,I have a shell to crack. After all,it's my last year of being a teenager. You can't get any younger than you are now,oh how time flies by so fast,this year is a perfect example. Enjoy life to the fullest,but not at the cost of your future.
Happy New Year everyone! I hope I will be enjoying today(:

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  1. the last picture..oh so pretty =)