Saturday, December 11, 2010

Carrot Slice.

Earlier this week I went to Secret Recipe to have my lunch after walking around Center Point waiting for Faith, who I might add, is the first friend I went to see since coming back home for my holidays. Quite ironic (and sad haha!) actually, considering the fact that we have been living,eating and going to school together for the past two months. I'm glad that I have a month away from Al-safa, a mamak restaurant at Bandar Utama, where we would lepak with friends at night. Else I would look like a beached whale from eating Roti Tisu or Nasi Goreng Ayam on a daily basis. My purse does not approve.

I am especially happy to get away from McD. No sight of McD for a month! I told Faith I won't eat those till next year and I shall stick true to my word. As of now,the only thing that I am not repulsed at eating is their nuggets. Anyways, I wanted to talk about how yummy SR's carrot slice taste but I got sidetracked and now I am disinterested in talking about it. 

My bad.

It's December peoples! Christmas time. After that New Years and it's back to school. Thinking of doing a New Year's Resolutions but I never seem to stick to those things.

Followers have been increasing. I am astonished. I haven't been updating! Let me make it up to you. I will probably have a giveaway once I reach 200 followers. Yay!


  1. my gad mawion~ hhaha! we study at bandar utama and alsafa is at damansara =.=

  2. I thought BU is at damansara? No same ka? xD