Sunday, August 1, 2010

Simple Sunday

Should have worn a bracelet. Anyways, today baby Rae had his baptism,the reason why I couldn't sleep at Faith's yesterday,Sowie :(
I realize that he is quite chubby for a little baby. Because I saw a baby smaller than him,I think, walking. My eyes popped out,I swear. I was like " Why that baby so small can walk!"
He slept through the whole ceremony.


Still managed to hold him. I got a smile from him by doing this!
Ain't my baby brother cute?

Took a picture with Daddy! He's sick today. I hate that,because my heart hurts a little when he's sick.

Went back to grandparents place in Penampang. Enjoyed simple things in life.
Like duku and sitting on the balcony reading.

...And Unicorns.

...And Katy Perry Music.

...And Strange Poems.

*someone's birthday is tomorrow*


  1. its fun to have a little brother , all i have is 2 annoying sisters who pissed me off most if the time

    and they're twins so its like 2 against one haha

    but no matter what i still ♥ them

    haha sorry im always here to conteng your page

  2. Ahaha no worries:)
    I have 3 brother including the little one,i wish I had a sister xP
    But sometimes it's nice to be the only sister though :D

  3. haha can i exchange one of my sister with one of your brother

    its good to be the princess of the house

  4. Wohoo pretty blog! pretty skirt.. and you :)
    I've just follow your blog today hee hee
    btw, take your time to visit my blog too ;)

  5. itu poem ME dari mana tuu? nice poem