Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kiss Kiss Pout

I tried to make my art abit dark instead of very pastel and happy like I usually do. Sometimes I like things to be a little mysterious and gloomy. At first I wanted to draw longer hair but I decided againts it because somehow shorter hair suited this character. I've always loved the 'sexy pout' and long lashes. So..Monroe, and that's my inspiration.
So I hope you like this.


  1. this is gorgeous , may i ask

    if lets say you already did the sketching , then you scanned it but how did you add the colors to the sketch?

    is it with PS or Illustrator?

    i am still a beginner with PS and clueless about Illustrator

    thanks loads

  2. I'm not sure about that because I dont use a scanner. But I think the same concept applies,just duplicate a layer,erase the first layer of your art and color underneath it so the drawing layer stays on top of the colored layer :)

    But maybe you should google it :D

  3. thank u yea i did some homework with PS tutorials bt still kinda blur ahaha

    anyway thanks loads

  4. wohoo I love those colors!
    r u drawing Monroe? cause she's similar with ur sketch hee hee :P

  5. wow!!! your so talented!
    phenomanal drawing!!!

  6. oh my god you drew this? its like all over tumblr once ago <3

  7. Hi..really? :)
    Yeah,I drew it but I didnt know it was on tumblr :P