Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Whats In My Transparent Box

Some girls like using transparent plastic bags. But I like using plastic transparent boxes. It's nice.
So some of my jewerly are missing. I think I misplaced it. My favorite ring and my new necklace is missing. I never even took a picture of them. I can't remember anything..where I put it or when I last wore them. Sighs.
Here are some of my favorite other stuff too. Just to cheer me up.

New heart necklace and favorite blue ring. I bought the bunny ring along with my feather ring..which is lost.

$ is kinda old. I don't wear this anymore but I like looking at it. Behind it is my favorite bracelet.

Earrings :)

Rings. Need more.

Finally! Almost done and almost ready to be sold :)

And look see! For the first time in my blog. My little baby brother.
So adorable with one of his many faces :D


  1. many girlish stuffs you have there.

  2. I hope you become my supporters as I have it become you

  3. nice girly stuff.. haha.. i dont even have a transparent box to keep my stuffs =P

  4. love ur photos? may i ask what cam u use to snap em

  5. Hello,thankyou (:
    I use Canon 300D if not mistaken,really old DSLR :D