Monday, July 19, 2010


I went out with Faith on Saturday. Our main purpose for going out was to go to the Graffiti place in front of Suria Sabah. They were cleaning it up and doing more artwork (which are gorgeous btw). The small event was organized by Cracko'Art Collection Project. Unfortunately, 15 minutes after we reached the place,it started to rain. It always rains here in the evenings now! I don't like going out knowing it's going to rain. Sucks. And I always have to pick up the laundry before they actually dry.

So we went in Suria Sabah after that,and joined Hanis and Marcellus. Had a nice time just walking and sitting around. Saw people we see every week. All the photos are in Faith's camera,but she's too busy planning an event to post them haha I'm sure it will end up great.

Either Faith's camera is awsome or I have the best sunblock ever!..Because it makes my cheeks look like babies ass :D

Hanis Basar. HAD to edit this photo,gorgeous eh? (:

Some of the artwork I managed to take.



In progress.

Artist and Photographers.