Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More From Graffiti Day

Here are more photos from my Paint! post. Stolen from Faith.
Nothing to talk about now. I sent my college application,2 more months till I head off to KL.
Post office called me because a pos express envelope cant fit the mailbox. I almost ate bread mold. Aaaand I'm going to the BSB party slash barbeque this Friday. Chickin' PLZ faith :D
I kinda fell in love with McQueen's nude skeleton clutch.
And I'm still hearbroken someone bought the spider bracelet.

Ohh~! Download Teenage Dreams.

I love this photo. I have to have a clutch!

Desktop pic.

Marcellus: "Sepa tinggi?"
Faith: "Hanis."

Boys love games.






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  1. oh i love 's Faith photo with the slight reflection of the camera