Friday, June 4, 2010

Project: Interesting Places

I want to know about interesting places from my readers please :)
Comment to say yeah?

I want to know where can I find those big fields that I see in movies,the most charming little cafe,the most beautiful places to take pictures,shops with the cutest interior designs,places that sell fantastic food,interesting vintage shops etc.

Anywhere around the world.
(Specific places would be nice so we know exactly where to go;)

You comment and I'll keep a little book of it..or maybe open up a nice website or some sort. It would be great if the place has a website :D
One day I'll visit those places and everyone can too,as long as we all share (:
I'll even have a space on my sidebar for this little project.

It would be nice if more people knew about this so tell your friends!

List of Places (Not in specific order)

Address-(Malaysia): its 309, level 3 (there's a lift)
laman seri business park, sec13, shah alam


  1. wow, I think this is an AMAZING idea! a website of this sort would be great!

    do you just want to know about, say, cities or specific small places? that sounds rather interesting! :)

  2. Yes!
    Specific small places would be nice so we know where exactly to go :D

  3. i'm in love with your blog! amazing pics ;)


    the dresses very pretty although it's expensive. :D

  5. i am your new follower yippeee ! I found ur blog link in Wearnesday ! love your style , your photos and most of all your passion for vintage !

    btw u can try Full House Cafe in NZX , they had a new outlet in Sunway Pyramid too, its a very nice place for good photos as the interior is classic & white :)

    other then that , Wondermilk in Uptown is also a good place