Friday, June 11, 2010

No Glee and Gossp Girl.


Edit: First Gossip Girl and now Glee! For now,no TV for me because GG just ended it's Season 3 (with Chuck being shot btw) and Glee it's first,loved the finale,I cried. know.Sheesh. Sighs.

I went out with Faith and Belle today,missed them both so much! Especially Belle because I haven't seen her for 4 months. Anyways,it's good to talk to them both while lunch. Went to Little Italy after much thought,it was the "lightbulb" kind of moment we had and it was funny!

So after that we just walked around and also bought 2 meters of pretty cloth so we gonna make something for 3 of us and then have a nice photoshoot,then I will have my latest creation. Oh I can't wait! I can already imagine it :)


  1. super cute post :)
    and that dog is equally adorable!
    ah i know i am gutted that glee is over :(
    but i missed all of the last seriies of GG so at least i can catch up on it ;)