Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two Girls. And Me.

Yesterday I went out with Faith,Ryta,Hazwan and Pipip.Too much photos! (As always so I won't post all at one). I really like my outfit yesterday,absolutely LOVE my stripes top,Thank You Cotton On!
We really really want to watch Letters To Juliet but the GSC in Suria Sabah aren't showing it so we moved to Center Point after Pipip and Hazwan came. After much loitering around near the seaview boat place taking pictures. We went but we were half an hour too late :(
Besides,I had to go home early. Always the one who had to go home early. Sigh.
I dropped my wallet but Kenny Rogers people are awsome so I got it back :D

Suria Sabah

Shorties till the end.


  1. Hey.. Yeah I like yr dressing too. but whre's cotton on is? :O

  2. Sadly,no cotton on in sabah. Only just about in every mall in KL D:

  3. heys, what shoes is Faith wearing? <3 :)

  4. I think its Charles and Keith,she said its very comfortable :)