Sunday, May 23, 2010

KL with Faith :)

I love this photo, Faith took it :)
So we went college hunting in KL from the 17th till 21st,that's why I didn't update my blog *sorry!*
I bought my lappie but we had too much things to do and came back to the hotel very late every day haha

So first we went to KDU College, the place was OK except that it was a bit scary (like our hotel before we moved, you know the movie 'Vacancy'? Just like that wtf). But when we smiled at the students passng by,they look at us very..strangely.

Hm. Tak suka lah.

Did you guys know that Chuck Bass was shot during Gossip Girl Season 3 finale?!?!?!?!?!?
Don't read my blog :P

Okay that was off track.

Next we went to KBU,the place was muuuuchh better. I don't know why but the place shines with sunlight and it made me much happier. The tour was very fast, I feel like the place is like high school. The students were so lively and Faith and I felt that we could fit in quite nicely.
The only thing is that I didn't quite like the hostel,much prefer live by ourselves.

Because I love IKEA! heheh.

..And their cake. So good.

Next we went to Sunway College,the room was pretty, I loved it. We went on tour,we were very tired by then,there were SO many students,especially in the library till it doesn't even feel like the library anymore. The place is nice though,gorgeous.

IKEA food again. NOMNOMNOMNOM. Fat oh,explode me :(

Then we went to Taylors College Lakeside Campus. The place was gorgeous and extremely huge.
Probably the best place,the diploma course was even better. But too expensive for us so that's out :/

Our stay in KL was tiring but fun,the place is so huge and although I love it, I can't imagine myself living there :p

I'm suddenly reminded of Sharon,alone in Korea. Huh, Sharon I miss you!

Me being good :D

Faith's new ring :p

Faith's pimple slash bug bite?

Faith's new dress and bag.

Strange,I like this.

View from Capitol Hotel.
Bye bye Omar! xD

My new RM9 ring! Love it.


  1. hey your pictures are really nice! Where did you get the ring, and where did Faith get the brown bag?! beautifull!!! :)

  2. Thanks :)
    I got the ring from a little shop in The Curve and Faith got her bag from One Utama but I don't remember the shop name..was too sleepy that time :(

  3. Awwws thanks! I just wanted to say I think you take really good photos and should really consider going into photography business, if it is something that you are truly passionate about, that is. :)!

  4. I set up a poll on that photography business thingy and 70% said I should! I'm touched xD
    But I dont think I'll get 'customers' ahah neways,alot of people take better photos(:

  5. I don't know if you you do people shots a lot, but maybe you could do like, engagement photos because your style reminds me of some that I've seen. Its not really the traditional sort of photos but yeah. :))

  6. Aww thanks,maybe I'll try it in the future :D

  7. do you buy online clothes? what website?

  8. have u gain weight.?

  9. I've bought online clothes a total of 3 times,from around (:

    Yep. Fatty now :(