Monday, May 17, 2010

Dragonfly Butterfly?

Since I blogged about the Unduk Ngadau stuff,my blog views have increased but tons :O
I should join more contests..

In fact. I am joining one right now. But its not a beauty contest.
It's a blogging contest :D
It actually clashes with my 5day trip to KL but whatdaheck,I'll just bring my laptop (even though its heavy like ahhh,sometimes I wish I had a smaller version). It's 1am in the morning now..I have to wake up in 4 hours! =.=
I don't know how I'm going to bring back any stuff due to my bag being awfully full..and thats after I gave up some things!

So this morning I saw an insect that resembles a butterfly and a dragonfly. STRANGE. I never saw it before. I took many pictures :)

I also took pictures of my baby!! Look at how big her eyes are! I love it when she does that *LOOOOOVE*

*goes crazy*


  1. Hey, :) I love reading your blog. :D How you do your header? It looks fantastic.

  2. Thanks :))
    I did my header using photoshop from a photo of me and my friend,faith :D

  3. body like dragonfly.. but the tentacles like butterfly =)