Sunday, May 9, 2010

DBKK Unduk Ngadau Gala Night 2010

Friday was the DBKK Unduk Ngadau Gala Night where 15 out of 30 contestant will be picked to go into the finals on the 14th of May. Needless to say, I wasn't choosen to be in the Top 15 but I kinda expected that because my solo was in a panicked rush, I hit one of the lights during the opening and as gorgeous as it may seem,my dress was kinda plain. I still love it though, thanks to my cousin Dayze for designing it.

Congratulations to all the 15 contestants who got picked. I guess I'll have to try again next time, once I lose weight :B
My family came and sat in one table *loves!*
It's my first time joining a beauty contest, I spent 4 days rehersing with the girls and coming home as late as 10pm during those time. Ahh tired.

Anyways,I enjoyed this experience and most definately will try again before I'm too old to join it haha!

The opening.


My new friend!

She reminds me of my friend Kathrina, they look and talk the same!

My line :)

Solo :)

My facebook picture haha!


Impressing the judges ?:)

Last years winner made an appearence.

Lawalah everyone :)

DJ Ottoh was damn funny! Listening to him and Stacy had us laughing backstage.


  1. Firstly congratulations to the 15 finalists for the DBKK unduk Ngadau. Agreed the line up gets better each year. Beauty with a purpose is suppose to be the main objective and for us to show to everyone that our local Kadazan Dusun girls are not just exotically beautiful but are capable enough to represent our race and Sabah. At the same time capable to be an ambassador for Sabah through her Beauty. The perception of beauty pageants must change, and I believe it slowly is.

    However, being at the gala night and at Gaya street, many of us were shocked and disgusted by DJ Ottoh. His jokes are dry and offensive and made our girls look like they were on auction. He behaved as though he has never seen a good looking lady before. I agree that as a radio DJ he can be funny and tries to portary a Sabahan touch. But to be an MC there is a place and time for jokes and depending on the audience he must learn to behave. His antics are not amusing and he suits to represent the Sabah Kampung Clown. His award for Duta DBKK is a huge mistake and for people to think that his attitude represents the majority of Sabah is far fetched.

    we Sabahans are a more educated group of people than what he is trying to represent. There is always a time and place for jokes but only the shallow minded would condone to his jokes. However, well done to the good line up of participants and all the best.

  2. Respect your opinion. That was the longest comment I've ever received. I agree some are inappropriate.
    But hes funny.

  3. All the best again Marion.... Don't give up ya. I just believe that all the girls on both nights deserve better comments. And better motivation from the MC.... win or lose...everyone was a winner...well done KK participants