Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Day Out with Ryta (And Safwan)

I went out on Wednesday to town with Ryta..I didn't know it but Safwan joined us after he took his 'artist' pass from her (I have no idea what is that, resume he said haha)
Just to sum it all up,we went to Kopitiam then to Nike then to Sushi King then to Coffee Bean in Waterfront. From waterfront we walked alllll the way to but it was fun! :D
Then by that time I had to go back :(
I wish I can go out longer,was raining though and my camera batteries died wtf.

Teh C ping! Oh I so so loves it.
Tastes so good.

I loooooooove this skirt. RM50! Was tempted to buy it but no.
Gonna get it soon if someone hasn't bought it yet.
It is at my favorite shop, Jenny Humprey shop ;p

Would never fail to order unagi when in sushi places.

Eating ;p


Aren't those little birds cute (can you spot?)
They were chasing each other :)

The boat...totally ruined the picture :/

Suria Sabah is still kind of empty.
There were more workers there than customers haha
But I like being at empty places.

I don't like being stared at :/

I like this place..nice interior.

Cause they have MUFFIN CANDLES ahhhhhhhhh
with polka dotted backround SO CUTE!

Laura Ashley me thinks.

Ugh,just so cute I could just take them.
No price tag though :(



  1. hi, these pics are so your blog, come to visit mine.
    love iole

  2. Thank you :)
    The said jenny humprey shop is in Center Point,umm 2nd floor I think,hidden away.