Monday, April 19, 2010

Day Out Last Week

Went out last week for a day out with Tubals minus the Maria. It was Faith's day off from work. And since it was a Wednesday,meaning movie day, we decided to watch a movie. Faith invited some people (Ryta too) and suddenly we were a big group! Neways,it was just the three of us in the beginning.

We went to MOD, Faith saw this really cute jacket. I didn't take a picture of her though in that jacket,too lazy to take the camera out haha

The clothes there are gorgeousss but too expensive.

Then we went to eat chicken rice and sasau! NOMNOMNOMNOM. And I had Kit Chai Ping, NOMNOMNOM. So delicious.

Safwan came while we were in Vincci,so he took over the camera cause well,he was bored in a ladies shop with no friends other than us. Cause everybody else was late.

Both of them wore red and dark shorts! And me,the only one in yellow and light colored shorts :(
Mind you,it was a very hot day.

I love this thing,how did they even manage to put that thing on anyways? ;p
In my mind,I imagined the people climbing and clinging to the white metal things there but then that would be just so damn scary.

We sat down and talked while waiting for the movie and took normal pictures. As usual. My blog has gotten better since I've started using the DSRL :D


Zaly took this picture =.=
He dyed his hair black !


Zaly stole my freaking cookie monster and till now I have no idea how is it. Probably somewhere and destroyed D: D: D: D:
They called him "Bboy Cookie Monster" My GOD. Fake! haha

We watched 'Date Movie'....Funniest shit EVERRRRRR. Got us laughing like mad!! At first I thought it looked boring and then it started to get interesting and then really funny. Oh I adore Tina Fey.

I hope I can catch a movie with them again this week.