Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bakat Interact 2010

Sorry for the lack of update,the internet has gone loco this past week and I had nothing else to do at home but read magazines. But I suppose that's a good thing because I found some nice recipes and am growing to learn more about photography from the stacks of photography magazine my dad keeps. Now I am drooling for other DSRL's and Photo printers.

I am quite interested in Fashion,Potrait,Architectual and Animal (Pet) Photography. I am tempted to get some of my friends play 'model' for me,and I'm sure they wouldn't mind. Maybe I could even turn it into a mini job. We'll see :)
Also,I have the urge to make nice videos. Pointless but nice.

More photos after the jump.

When was this? Hmm..

Anyways,talking about Bakat. I enjoyed meeting up with all of my friends. I also found that the tightness of the 'security' there too much,like wth =.=
I suppose I like the performances but the atmosphere was better last year. I didn't take any videos this year and took only a few photos of the performances,which ended up so blurry and horrible that I don't even want to post it up here. Well,I'm still new to this camera, I guess I have to be patient with it and learn as I go.

The song keeps playing in my head now.

Affy :)

Shoes :D

TUBALS reunite. Oh Imissthem. Maria wasn't around much because she had her dancing and catching up with other friends,but she did stay around to be with us ;')

Faith and I :)
Ryta wasn't tall enough so our faces couldn't be in the picture!

Lost. Baby sheep got lost.

Second favorite photo of the day :D


I don't remember doing this. I look like I'm about to cry.


The weather was great! No rain in sight. Although,it was too hot in the afternoon, I had no idea why I brought my yellow cardigan..which Ryta ended up borrowing :p

Yayasan Sabah. It looks so shinyyy.


Yes. That face.

Black bag: Ryta
Grey bag: Me
Brown bag: Faith


MJ pose ? ;D

Piggy back ride! SO HEAVY hahahahah

I wish my legs were skinnier :/

Nice eh :)

I didn't know why Ryta put on that face.

Maria,Faith,Charlyn and Ryta

Haha Faith.


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