Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Short Legs vs Long Legs

So this week is going to be my last week working in Upperstar. Gosh,time flies by so fast!! :(
I'm not going to be an Upperstar staff anymore and it will never be the same if I go there. They'll have to hire a new cashier to replace me. I want to recommend tall/long legged cashier to work there! Because :

-Everytime the music stops playing,you have to click the 'Play' button and it's so damn far up!

-Everyday have to climb up the cabinet to take forms that needs to be used.

-When things are busy and no one has time to send the food upstairs,you have to do it. And when you have short legs,it's a disadvantage because your legs will get caught to the stair and you will trip & embarrass yourself. And your manager(s) will laugh at you till the next day =.=

-Your feet will never reach the ground if you sit on the cashiers chair if you have short legs.

So what are my plans after work and before going off to wherever that I'm going?
I don't know..start photography service? hahaha will I get business? I don't think so D:
But we'll see hmm
Oh! And also update my overly neglected blog!


u r getting hotter and hotter !! ist ?! haha:D

Hi christ! XD Nooooooo :O

eih.. i saw u in upperstar ;)

heheh. Yes,I can be seen there almost everyday xP

Have u got facebook ??

Yep :) Just search for Marion St. Joan

Have you got facebook, twitter or anything???

Ahah yess. I think I've got everything just like everyone. But I update like once every 20 years. So sad,neglected just like my blog huhu

i looooove you pics in your blogspot. the one you with you friends :D

Thankss :DD My friends are awsome,LOOOOVEEEE THEEEMMM :D

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