Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm Still Alive! :)


Tis been a long time since I've usual =.=
I am currently unemployed. Sounds soooo..dull. UGh.
My last day was quite fun. Haaaaaaa,I'm gonna miss Upperstar and the people there. In fact, I miss them already.


What to do? I wanna take pictures! Like pretty pretty pictures. I start Mimirello Photography la dis! :D
..But see first.

I think these past 2 weeks,I've watched like a total of..5 movies :O
THAT'S CRAZY. So much,but my favorite was Alice In Wonderland. heheh :)
The rest were crap. But The Book of Eli was nice so it doesn't fall in the crap category.


i loveee all your blogs!

Heh. Thanks! :D

ehh marion st joan hahaha~! i nt straightaway going for fashion styling laa. hee~ for language first. then decide what i wanna study. or else satu kali i don wanna study how?? hahhaa~~

Aih,Sharon Chung!! It's the same thingggggg,you're so far away. We haven't go cycling :(

Hi Marion, hows your result? where are you gonna continue your studies?

My result is just plain jane only :D
Umm I don't know,so hard to make decision on where to study. I already made my choice on studying Tourism for Diploma and then Mass Communication for Degree.

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  1. yesss we havent go cycling.. but FIRST! u need to teach me how to cycle la marion st joan~!! hahhahahaa