Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heart shape bread

I find food with shapes awfully cute. Especially one's that are heart shaped because that is my favorite. On another completely different note, I feel like cutting my hair. It is too long and I feel that it's time to cut those split ends.

But sigh~ I like it long.. Anyways,click to see more photos.
I still can't get enough of my layout! Love it :D

Yeah,I know I've got some huge eyes. I could make myself look like an alien if I wanted to.

I am a human fly.
And I don't know why,I say buzz buzz buzz.
And it's just because,I am a human fly.


  1. what did u use to edit your picture? im talking about software.

  2. how you learn to use the software?
    any guide books or webs?

  3. did u buy that software?

  4. WHERE DID u created that Mimirello above (what u call that stuff) is it on the website?

  5. The software was already in the laptop when I first used it,I think my dad installed it (?)
    Photoshop has its own CD I guess,theres many versions of it (CS2,CS3,CS4)

    I learned to use it since I was 14,you can actually google how to use it :D

    Oh and that Mimirello banner,I made it myself using photoshop also :D
    I just played around and viola~! :DDD