Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today I went to 1B to meet Sharon,Carissa,Debra and Cassandra for Sharon's farewell gathering. She's going away to Korea to study Fashion Styling..So far! I'm going to miss her,things haven't been the same since we finished school. I've been busy with work just like everyones been busy with their own stuff. But I guess this is life....we have technology though so at least that makes things a wee bit better to deal with. So faster get Skype lah Sharon!


i) How much do you earn by working at upperstar?

ii) Why didnt you work at upperstar Lintas?

iii) How was everything at Upperstar? From work to bosses to workers to customers?

Ahaha okaayy,so many questions about my beloved workplace. I probably post too much about it anyways. So instead of answering one by one, I'll just type everything in a paragraph...or two. When you first start working,they'll give you RM3 an hour. So the amount will increase as you stay there longer and show how an awsome worker you are.
At first I wanted to work at Lintas because Faith was applying there = friend. But then transportation is a bit difficult so my mum suggested Damai. So I went there and just hantam ask. I got the job heheh I guess it was like,my destiny of some kind because I really love it there..
Everything in Upperstar? Well,from my point of have to be a people person to work in a place like that. Not to mention open minded. I'm working morning shift so we have to get the shop ready..huh,early in the morning already so tired. But the customers aren't that much compared to night time so it doesn't tire you so much. Even so,I think night shift is more fun though. The managers there..hmm. It depends on how you see them because they can be very annoying when not involved in work. So playful all the time, everyday I feel like my face could tear up due to too much laughing. The workers are like normal...You get along with some and you don't get along with some. BUT my fellow cashiers LOVE EACH OTHER. We sayang-menyanyangi unlike no other..Woohoo! :DDD
Same thing applies to customers,some are awsome and some are just so..soooo.. =.=

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