Friday, February 12, 2010

My blogging mojo

Whatever happened to my blogging mojo??????
Oh where oh where did you run to? :(

My blog is so so bangas right now.
Even flies don't even want to come here anymore.
I feel the urge to take pictures (so long didn't ss,so weird man) but I'm too lazy haha
Everyone has SLR these days..except me. I want it too but aish,too expensiveeee~!

Headache everyday.

Valentines day is coming soooon~! ;)
And I'm working haha! I feel like working overtime that day,just like Faith but see first lah,ask my boss first. Then I can welcome customers with "Happy Valentines Day!!!!! :DDDDD"
And I can burn Valentines Day music and fight over the music player with my boss (he has Valentines CD too,punyalah. R&B again that ! Sheesh,people want romantic bah! )

I kena manja at work these days. Heheh :D

Oh ya,almost forgot. Pictures from class reunion! I know,this is like the earliest reunion ever but it feels good to be with classmates. Everyone is slowly changing...SEH! But seriously oh :S

Wendy with SMC! :D


My retarded face,as Benjamin used to say. hahahahah

This is me,mengacau their picture :p

So little kan my classmates ?
Huhu,not many could come :(

I miss Jason oh !!!
And Khairul..they all Haziq..Hamizan..Khaleeda :(

Heheh :D
Obviously "bed" punya sign there,it's a club but we didn't go there ahahah

Fish N' Co :)))


I love this

And lastly,Sharon I miss you soo so much!

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