Thursday, February 25, 2010


Now that I've updated my blog layout abit,I guess I should do the same with my pictures?
They're all big ass photos now,compared to my previous posts. They looked like as if they've been taken by a DSLR eh? Thanks to my photoshop skills,which thankfully haven't died. I still seriously need a better camera though :/

It's my offday today! I haven't had one last week because it was busy as hell and all the staff couldn't get one. So I'm just staying at home now,updating my blog,sleeping etc.
Next month will be my last month working in Upperstar, kinda happy and kinda sad at the same time. Just when I've started to really get to know everyone. I really love the people there,and now we have more new staff. Meaning=new friends! Sigh~

Wendy and I in Roxy. Class reunion day :p

My face lagi. Getting whiter everyday :D

I've cleaned up my room earlier today,it was a mess. Boxes and papers were everywhere. I managed to put everything away and re-arranged my stuff. I made use of the huge basket! Now it's a place to keep my bag and heels and flats and stuff. It looks good. I want to re-do my whole room and buy new stuff but I need more $$$. Have to figure out a way. Heh.

"If you happen to walk into a forest,all the little birds will come to you."

That's what the night shift bartender said to me after I sprayed on some..I really love the smell! One of my manager uses it too,stole mine actually. I have to remind myself not to let it peek out from my bag. I almost lost it though the other day, it worried me like hell oh. Thankfully, Vanilla~ (nickname for one of my work mates,cute kan?) found it. Love her :D

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