Saturday, February 27, 2010

I didn't know..Formspring

I'm so sorry!! hahhaa I decided to open my formspring today and to my suprise,I have quesions to ahaha I thought I didn't. I'll answer them right now even though some of them are like..2 months old :O
Tsk tsk,time flies by so fast. Why am I always saying that.


about ur theme in tumblr, why ur one works so fine? mine didnt. T_T

I'm not really sure :/ I edited that theme till I was satisfied ahah I can't stand it if something was wrong with it.

where are you working now?

Isn't it obvious? ahaha Upperstar:)

which website u use to edit your effing nice pictures?

I use Photoshop!! :DD Invest in it,study and practice it and you'll get effing nice pictures too :D

How much does it cost for the Dark Brownie cake the one from Sweet Daily?

RM 45! Quite expensive considering the size of the cake but it tastes so daaaaamn goooood!

can i kick ur ass ? hahaha ! yang kuat ? ahahah ;p

Eh eh. Tidak boleh!! :P

where u edit your effing nice picturesss??

Were you the one asking the question above? haha! Sorry late reply. Photoshoooop :)

what is paw

hahaha...PAW!!! Read this post.

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