Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Work Work Work

I am so freaking tired.

Work kinda z-z-zapsss! all my energy, and I still have to do chores so I'm really cranky right now.
Ahhhhhh. I've only been working for like,3 days. Thankfully,I have offday tomorrow! But I have to do more chores D:
It's the chores fault. It's always "Marion this~~" and "Marion that~~"
Ahhhhhhh. It's driving me nuts,I wonder how I can stay sane any longer.
My feet and legs feel like someone hammered it and my whole body aches.

I mean.
Work is tiring. But it's kinda fun too,I got to know so many people. The ones on my shift are all in their 20's and I'm probably the only teenager (that I know of) but they thought I looked like I was 19 or 20. SO OLD,AHH

So neways,my favorite is the big bear like man called Simon. He's the one that always makes me laugh..but he's going awaaayyyyyyyyyyy D:
He does like the penguin walk and ugly facial expression. Cracks me up all the time. And he bully me hahaha
And there's one bartender that jaga me,gimme food and drinkss :DDD

Of course,there's the funny moments too when I took the wrong tissue for the customers ( I took the toilet tissue instead of the normal napkin tissue) and they laughed at me :x

Ahaha. I just want to get paid and then go out with all my bebehs :(

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