Monday, January 11, 2010

Maria's Bday and Work.

TUBALS REUNITE! *big heart*
Awh,I miss them. It's been so long since we met as tubals. Ryta wasn't with us during new years :(

Anyways! We went to Waterfront to celebrate Maria's birthday as a little surprise. I had to go to Sweet Daily during work to buy the cake.

Cute ehh?? :DD

It tastes even better! It's called "Dark Brownie" and it's made out of Dark Belgium Chocolate. Oh so sinful ~!

We actually dont know who was coming ahaha but the one's that turned up were the Tubals, Gianni,Amirul,Hanis,Rezan,Haidir [we celebrated it with his birthday too!], Affy,Simon and Ari.

Hahaha budu bha these two.

Mariaaaa~~ that is the birthday girl. Today is her actual birthday!
Now all tubals are the same age~! :)

This Ryta ah~
I love yous! :D

Wanna cut the cake!

After singing happy birthday to Maria,suppose to sing for Haidir but I thought repeat sing again =.=

Me: Happy Biiiiiiiiiiiirthdaaaay to Mariaaaa~~!!!
Ryta: Haidir bhaa! TUBAALLLL!

Opps. hheh.

Ryta don't know how to cut cake! -____-
Rosak budu,teda love shape suda.
But still tastes awsome.

MIRUL~! haha kesian him. Don't know whats wrong with him that time. Say he go stomach ache. I poked his stomach and he threatened to puke =.=

If I ever feel better~


  1. where did you buy the sweet daily cake?...can you tell me cause my bro birthday is coming soon so i need to buy a cake for him. oh pls:)

  2. I bought it in Damai,the shop is Sweet Daily :)