Thursday, January 14, 2010

A lil update :)


And to think that I was so nervous on the first day. Ahah!
I've been working for a total of 8 days now,minus offdays, and I am loving every second of it.
I applied for waitress but now I'm a cashier :O
It's fun being cashier and all..I get to learn and do lots of stuff in addition to my waitressing. I even get to learn how to make drinks in the bar ! :D

SO awsome.

But there are plenty of risks though being that,like losing money and paying it back with your salary :/
But so far I haven't yet and I hope it never will. Heh.
All my work mates are friendly and nice and funny as hell ! I love how they love to joke around, till my cheeks get sore from laughing.
But they are also bullies ~! >:p
It seems like they have a new game now.. "Pinch Marion's face Game"

"Aku cubit kau! Aku cubit kau!"

Then after they pinch my cheeks/nose ,they run =.=

Sometimes sitting behind the cashier is boring and I wish to take peoples order. Most of the customers are good,some of them even joke around and its fun to talk to them. But some~~ hmph! SO not worth good service. Macam the orang tua~
Who asks people to open beer bottle with their teeth?! If he had to do it,I'm sure all of his teeth will fall off.

Cem taik punya orang.

Moving to other topics.
That day we had to close the chicken rice. I asked why then the bartenders made so much (teda2) reason..

Chicken still young.
Chicken didn't want to die.
Chicken run away.

Budiuh~! haha:D

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